Vision, Mission, and Values

Our vision is to break the vicious cycle of poverty in the UK. 

Our mission is to support disadvantaged people and deprived communities across the UK, regardless of their faith or cultural background.

Our values are:

Accountability We consider every donation, both large and small, to be a pact between us and the donor, which is based on trust and a mutual responsibility to those in need. We scrutinise every expense to ensure that your donation is spent wisely in combating disadvantage, deprivation and poverty.

Compassion – We provide the best possible support to everyone that approaches us, in order to help them break out of the cycle of poverty.

Effective – We work with our beneficiaries to identify the appropriate type of support we can offer them, which will ensure that we can make a lasting impression on people’s lives.

Equality & Fairness

 – We value the diversity of all humankind and we pledge to ensure that our policies and procedures do not discriminate on any grounds. We invest in the betterment of all society, irrespective of creed, culture or personal circumstances.

Respect – We recognise that asking for help is not easy and we promise to treat you with respect throughout any interaction. We are committed to providing a fair and confidential service to everyone that approaches us for support.