Al-Mizan Charitable Trust is a Muslim grant-funder which supports disadvantaged people and deprived communities across the UK, regardless of their faith or cultural background.


Case Studies


Natasha is an asylum seeker from West Africa. When she arrived in the UK, she was three months pregnant, and has just given birth to a son. A refugee organisation in Brighton was helping her with food parcels and utility costs, but she had no baby clothes or toiletries for her new son.

The Trust provided a grant of £100 towards baby clothes and nappies for Natasha's son.

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Sarah lives with her three grandchildren, as her daughter suffers from drug addiction and the children were being abused and neglected and social services asked Sarah to look after them. She is also a carer for her adult son, who suffers from mental health issues. Sarah had to give up her part-time job to look after her grandchildren, so was facing some financial difficulties.

Sarah’s washing machine was nearly broken and wouldn’t drain properly. She had to do three washes per day and wring all the clothes by hand, as two of her grandchildren wet themselves and the b ...


Usman is a refugee from North Africa. He is separated from his wife and has custody of his four children three days per week, every other weekend, and half of the school holidays. Unfortunately, this arrangement makes it difficult for him to find regular and consistent work.

Usman was looking to go into self-employed work, as this could help him balance work and looking after his children. He wanted to work as a minicab driver in London, but needed financial assistance to apply for a DBS check, medical examination, and PCO licence.

The Trust provided a grant of ...


Fatemeh is a refugee from Iran. She came to the UK with her husband, but they are now separated after Fatemeh suffered from domestic violence. She lives with her two daughters in Birmingham.

Whilst in Iran, Fatemeh was a medical doctor and lecturer at the local university. She was keen to start work in the UK, so that she could provide for her daughters and contribute to the society that had given her refuge. However, in order to practise medicine in the UK, she had to pass the IELTS English language test and two other GMC exams.

The Trust provided a grant of £1 ...


Victoria has been raising her granddaughter since she was a few months old. Her daughter was in a relationship with a man who had been charged with child abuse and the police warned that she was putting the baby at risk. Social services stepped in and the granddaughter went to live with Victoria.

Victoria had to move to a new town and give up her job to look after her granddaughter. She has just started studying for a diploma at college, but is struggling with living costs. Her granddaughter was going through a growth spurt and had no suitable clothes for winter. Victori ...


Karen is a single mother with two young children. They were forced to leave their home after petrol was poured through the letterbox and set alight, and went to live with Karen’s mother in a small one-bedroom flat. They were moved between various hostels until they were offered a two-bedroom council flat.

Karen still suffers from anxiety and recurrent nightmares after the attack on their home. Unfortunately, their council flat has no carpet and the uneven and exposed flooring is dangerous for her two young children to walk around on.

The Trust provided a grant ...


Harry was a qualified plumber and married with two children. He moved to Canada after he being offered a job there. Following a breakdown in his relationship, he developed a mental health condition and alcohol addiction. He returned to the UK in August 2012, and was convicted of robbery on the basis of joint enterprise, even though he was only present at the incident.

Upon his release, Harry has turned his life around and is fully rehabilitated. He is keen on working again, so that he is no longer reliant on benefits, but he has no tools to find a job as a plumber.



Nina is a single mother with two children from Eastern Europe. In her home country, her husband sold her and their children to traffickers, and they all suffered abuse on their journey to the UK. When they arrived in the UK, they managed to flee the traffickers and apply for asylum.

For two years, Nina’s children had not attended school as they were forced to move around many times. Nina’s application for asylum was accepted and her children were due to start at the local primary school. However, Nina had no money to buy any school uniform for her children.

T ...


Maddie is a single parent with a seven-year-old son. Her partner left her when she was pregnant, because he had returned from serving in Afghanistan and could not handle the pressure of becoming a parent. 

Maddie had to stop working four years ago due to ill health, but was keen to return to work to provide for her and her son. She started studying an access to nursing course and is working part-time, but is struggling financially. Maddie has cut back on a lot of things and only pays for essentials, and is not eligible for many benefits or student grants.

The Tr ...


Peggy had to give up her job working with children with cerebral palsy, due to an autoimmune disease affecting her hip and spine. She still helps out occasionally and teaches the children how to cook and paint. Her illness has severely reduced her mobility and made it difficult for her to interact with the local community, so she was feeling extremely isolated.

The Trust provided a grant of £500 towards a mobility scooter for Peggy.

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Batool lives with her husband and six children and suffers from severe mental health issues. The family was evicted from their rented house, and was supported by a social worker to find a suitable property. 

Batool became extremely distressed during this time, and their two eldest children had to stop working to look after her and the younger children. They managed to find a suitable property, but it was unfurnished and some of the children had to sleep on the cold, hard floor.

The Trust provided a grant of £300 towards household items.

To help us conti ...


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