Al-Mizan Charitable Trust is a Muslim grant-funder which supports disadvantaged people and deprived communities across the UK, regardless of their faith or cultural background.

Originally born in Sudan, Hadil grew up in an inner-city area of London, plagued by drug dealing and gang-related violence. Whilst in prison, he converted to Islam. He now lives in a hostel near Brick Lane and is trying to get his life back on track. He volunteers as a youth-worker, and is shortly to complete a painting and decorating course at college. Hadil is struggling to pay his rent and often does not eat for 2 or 3 days. The Job Centre cut off his benefits 6 weeks ago because of a processing error, and he was expecting to receive a lump sum this week to pay off his arrears. Without a bank account, the funds would have arrived by Giro, but his flat-mate who has stolen from his before, swears it never arrived. Hadil applied to the Trust for £75 to renew his passport in order to open a bank account. He can then receive his benefits by BACS as well as keep his money safe.

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