Al-Mizan Charitable Trust is a Muslim grant-funder which supports disadvantaged people and deprived communities across the UK, regardless of their faith or cultural background.


General Welfare Fund - Grants Policy

The General Welfare Fund provides small grants up to £500 to individuals, regardless of their faith or cultural background, who are in financial hardship or need, because of poverty, deprivation, or disadvantage.

Funding is available for a range of goods and services that would better the beneficiary’s circumstances and situation, and help them break out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

To be eligible to apply, you must be living in the UK and have British citizenship. As well as UK nationals, this includes people who are EEA nationals; have discretionary or indefinite leave to remain; are on study or work visas; have spouse sponsorship; or are asylum seekers, refugees, have humanitarian protection, or are appealing a Home Office decision. 

Whilst we are offer grants up to £500, our average grant size is between £200 and £250.



We prioritise funding applications that seek to:

•Provide access to education or vocational skills;

•Increase employability;

•Break the cycle of poverty, deprivation, or disadvantage;

•Improve the quality of life of individuals or families who are struggling or unable to access new opportunities;

•Relieve suffering and give individuals or families a new start following an event or period of crisis


We will also prioritise funding applications that will benefit people from the any of the following social groups:

•Orphans (a child under the age of 16 years who has lost EITHER both parents OR one parent who was the main bread-winner in the family);

•Children and Young People;

•Asylum Seekers and Refugees; 

•Individuals who are Disabled or Terminally Ill and/or their Families;

•Single Parents (particularly divorcees and widows/widowers with children);

•Older People with Limited Social Support;

•Prisoners and Ex-Offenders;

•Individuals with a Previous History of Substance Abuse (Drugs or Alcohol);

•Victims of Domestic Violence or Abuse;

•Victims of Crime, Anti-Social Behaviour or Terrorism



We will not provide funding in the following situations:

•General appeals;

•Applications from organisations or formal groups;

•Applicants who are not claiming all benefits for which they are eligible;

•Applicants who have received a grant in the last 12 months from Al-Mizan Charitable Trust


We will also not support applications that are seeking funding for any of the following:

•Retrospective Funding (any costs which have already been incurred prior to the application);

•Expenses relating to the practice or promotion of religion;

•Clearance of debt including rent and council tax arrears;

•Fines or Criminal Penalties;

•University Tuition Fees;

•Gap year projects;

•Immigration Costs;

•Funeral Expenses;

•Gifts (including birthdays and festivals);

•Holidays or International Travel (we will consider funding trips for children and young people which enrich learning opportunities or where a vacation may serve a medical or social need);

•Applications for more than £500 (we will consider match-funding requests);

•Products or services which contravene the ethos and values of the Trust

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