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Response from Ankit Love of the One Love Party (London Mayoral Elections Open Letter)

In April 2016, we wrote to the candidates in the London Mayoral Elections, asking them to summarise their main policies and ideas about how they will address the rising levels of poverty across London. To read the letter, click here

We have had our first response from Ankit Love of the One Love Party. You can read his response below: 


Dear Ali,

Thank you for reaching out to us. I am most aware of the situation. I myself lost my home last year and spent months struggling and living in a shared hostel dorm in Hackney. Even now I live in just a small room with no windows or central heating.

That is why I am most aware of the situation, and that is why I am contesting this election and believe when people hear my story and ideas I will win.

My scheme is revolutionary. The plan is to end homelessness in this city by employing modular construction technology to build designer social housing skyscrapers. Are you aware of modular construction technology? This new method allows us to build skyscrapers within weeks and at a fraction of the cost of regular construction. Here is a timelapse example:

Cheap yet high quality buildings erected in weeks. We feel that modular construction has the undeniable potential to be a comprehensive solution to the housing crisis.

Are you aware that TfL owns 5,700 acres of land in London? As Mayor of London, I would immediately build modular social housing on this land.

It's simple: I will use this new technology and the land in London already owned by TfL to make beautiful cheap homes. We estimated that up to a million new homes could be built in a four-year mayoral term. These would be made by the Greater London Authority and protected from private investment. Priority would be given to those on lower income looking to buy.

Through technology and with the right political leadership we can make this a new era in social housing of beautiful homes for the people!

All the best,

Ankit Love 

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