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Response from Caroline Pidgeon of the Liberal Democrats (London Mayoral Elections Open Letter)

In April 2016, we wrote to the candidates in the London Mayoral Elections, asking them to summarise their main policies and ideas about how they will address the rising levels of poverty across London. To read the letter, click here

We have had our second response from Caroline Pidgeon of the Liberal Democrats. You can read her response below: 


Dear Ali Khimji,

Thank you for your email enquiring about my policies for addressing poverty in London.

London is without question a very divided city and sadly is becoming more unequal.

While there are some people earning very high incomes we should never forget that London has the second highest unemployment rate of any region in England and numerous other serious indicators of poverty, including homelessness, thousands of families living in overcrowded accommodation and many people living on very low incomes, struggling with the high costs of living in the capital. London is also sadly a city scarred by far too many incidents of racism and intolerance towards religious communities.

I do hope the readers of your website find my manifesto of interest which can be seen here.

In terms of significant policies that I and all Liberal Democrat London Assembly candidates are committed to I would highlight the following:

       Through a costed plan deliver 200,000 new homes for Londoners over the next four years.  By continuing the Olympic Games precept over the next four years I would build 50,000 council homes for rent and 150,000 for sale or for private rent, including rent-to-buy and first time buyers.  These policies will above all else help to reduce the number of households living in overcrowded homes, while at the same time generating many new jobs in the construction sector.

       Set up at City Hall a central unit to prosecute rogue landlords and promote effective registration of private landlords.

       Introduce half price fares for Tube, Overground and DLR travellers for journeys that start before 7.30 am.  This would especially help many hard working and low paid Londoners, who start early shifts, such as NHS workers and office reception and security staff

       Improve work opportunities for many Londoners, by establishing a London-wide careers service and ensuring there is a greater take up of apprenticeships in London.

       Name and shame large employers not paying the London Living Wage

       Encourage publication of pay ratios for firms employing more than 250 workers, covering overall pay rates and differences by gender and ethnicity

       Monitor the fairness impact of all policies adopted by the Greater London Authority Group and produce an annual report on progress towards reducing inequality

       Use techniques such as name-blind recruitment processes to combat unintentional racism and sexism.

Thank you for asking my views on the vital issue of tackling poverty in London.

With very best wishes,

Caroline Pidgeon

Liberal Democrat Candidate for Mayor of London

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