Al-Mizan Charitable Trust is a Muslim grant-funder which supports disadvantaged people and deprived communities across the UK, regardless of their faith or cultural background.


Case Studies


Vanessa left school at 16 and worked in admin and catering, before moving into care work and starting a degree in nursing. She is a single parent to two young daughters, aged three years and eight months. Her ex-partner used to physically abuse her in front of their children, and she managed to move out last year. However, her ex-partner found out their new address and has continued to harass Vanessa and her two daughters.

Vanessa has found a new flat in a housing association, but it is unfurnished. She is keen to giv ...


David was born in England and grew up in East Africa where his parents ran a hotel. When he moved back to the UK, he worked in construction and got married. However, his partner used to physically and verbally abuse him on a regular basis and as a male victim of domestic violence, this caused him a great deal of distress and embarrassment. One physical attack by his partner left him hospitalised and eventually led to him becoming homeless.

David was living in supported housing and was trying to deal with his mental health issues. He has a passion for swimming, as he was previousl ...



In 2007, Bilal suffered a stroke and was left in a coma for four months. When he woke up, Bilal could not move or speak for a year and has been living in a care home. Bilal feels abandoned and lonely, as neither his parents nor siblings visit him. He has made progress in his physical therapy and is now able to move the right side of his body, but struggles to move his left side.

The Trust provided a grant of £240 towards physiotherapy, so that he could receive additional support and make further progress in his recovery.


Jahnagir was forced to take early retirement from his job after he injured his shoulder and was having problems lifting and moving items. He lives with his wife and four children and they have been facing difficult financial circumstances for the last few months. 

The family’s house is falling apart and the carpet is old and damaged, and Jahangir’s children are too embarrassed to invite their friends round. Jahangir’s bed is broken and the doctor has advised him to get a new one as it is exacerbating his shoulder injury. The cooker and microwave ...


Ali was forced to flee from Iran in 2012 after he was imprisoned and tortured and his father was murdered. He was moved into council housing last year, but was not adequately prepared to live by himself. Ali suffers from severe physical and mental health issues and was put under benefit sanctions. However, he was not receiving additional disability benefits and was being helped by a local charity with his claims.

Ali was left in difficult financial circumstances and turned to the local community for support, but some of the elders took advantage of his ...


Angela is a single parent with two young boys. Her eldest son has severe learning difficulties and suffers from developmental coordination disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and speech and language delay. Angela lives in a one-bedroom flat and sleeps on a sofa, whilst her two sons share a double bed.

The Trust provided a grant of £200 towards a washing machine, so that Angela could spend more time caring for her two young children.



Zara suffers from depression, bipolar disorder and poor mobility. She was living with her son, but he had been abusing her for many years and stealing money from her. When Zara asked her son to leave, he trashed their flat, destroying her bed, smashing her cooker and ripping the carpet and sofas. She was incredibly distressed and could not leave her house for weeks.

The Trust provided a grant of £200 towards household items, so that Zara could try and get her life back on track.



George has suffered from paranoid schizophrenia for most of his life and was previously hospitalised for 10 years. He has been living in the community for the past two years with his partner, who works part-time for a charity. George’s wellbeing has improved through his partner’s support and he is keen to look for work after he has gained more confidence from his therapy sessions.

Their house has been falling apart for some time and George and his partner have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor, and becaus ...


Maya came to the UK from Sri Lanka in 2011 to join her husband who had already sought asylum here in 2009. Maya and her family suffered threats and persecution because of her husband’s political activities in Sri Lanka and in 2010, Maya was detained and tortured on suspicion of anti-government activities.

Maya and her husband are still suffering from the psychological effects of their traumatic experiences. She recently became pregnant and wants to be a good mother and give her baby the best start in life. The couple has been housed by UKBA i ...


Georgina is a recovering drug user and made a decision to come off drugs when she found out she was pregnant. She had previously had her daughter taken away from her by social services four years ago, and Georgina does not want this to happen again, so she is being supported by the local drug rehabilitation centre and has made real progress.

When Georgina was using drugs, she would sleep on her friends’ sofas and never had a permanent address. She has since been provided with a council flat, but social services have ...


Karolina came to the UK from Poland and was exploited by a gang of men who made her work as a prostitute. After escaping, she met her partner, who was extremely abusive to her. When Karolina became pregnant, he became violent and kept her in isolation. He refused to give her any money and she had little or no access to food after giving birth to her baby.

Karolina told her health visitor about the abuse and she made a referral to social services, who were able to move Karolina into a women’s refuge. She had been una ...


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