Al-Mizan Charitable Trust is a Muslim grant-funder which supports disadvantaged people and deprived communities across the UK, regardless of their faith or cultural background.


Case Studies


Emily is a single parent who had just been released from custody after serving a prison sentence for possession of Class A drugs with intent to supply. She had suffered from anxiety and mental health issues since the birth of her first child and coupled with abuse from her husband and other members of her family, she struggled with daily tasks and was unable to manage her finances properly. Emily turned to criminal activities to deal with her debts.

Whilst in prison, Emily attended therapy for her anxiety and workshops on money management and o ...


When Michelle approached us for support, she was seven months pregnant and living with her cousin in a one-bedroom flat after fleeing domestic violence. Michelle’s partner assaulted her when she was three months pregnant and she managed to get a restraining order, but he has breached the conditions and she was concerned for her unborn child’s safety.

Michelle was due to move into a private rented property in another city, which would be covered by her maternity pay and where she would be safe from her ex-partner, but she had no extra funds ...


Amir is 14 years old and came to the UK as an unaccompanied asylum seeker from Afghanistan five years ago. He was unable to speak English when he arrived and underwent a distressing journey to get here. 

Amir is now living in foster care and attends the local secondary school. His social worker approached us because Amir was doing well in school, but his foster carers didn’t have a computer, so he was finding it difficult to keep up with homework. Amir also wanted to learn more about Afghan culture and stay connected to his heritage.

The Trust provided a grant ...



Davit came to this country in 2001 and found work as a cleaner. After a few years, he trained as a bricklayer and worked in new housing developments. When the market crashed, he struggled to find work and had to use his savings to support his wife and children. He took out loans and his bills have been piling up because he still can't find work. When he came to us for help, his family hadn't eaten a proper meal in two weeks and had been living off canned food.

Al-Mizan Charitable Trust provided Davit with a grant of £200 in food vouchers.



Rachel is a 53 year old single mother, who has accrued almost £10,000 of debts. Much of her benefits go towards large repayment rates set by her creditors. She lives with her teenage daughter and struggles to purchase basic necessities. 

Rachel has been relying on occasional handouts of food from Church and as she is diabetic, it is even more important for her to ensure that she is eating properly. Rachel received a Ramadan Food Parcel from Al-Mizan Charitable Trust, ensuring that she and her daughter are ...


Dena is a 47 year old asylum seeker from Ethopia. She has been waiting for her asylum application to be resolved for over 10 years and continues to live alone, with no family and no support, and with little chance of rebuilding her life.

She has a chronic health condition and has been in intensive care on two occasions over the last year. She recently suffered secondary meningitis which has affected her cognitive functioning and her vision in her right eye. She now has severe memory problems and has also been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder as a result o ...


Jake grew up in the London Borough of Hackney, the youngest of 6 children. Whilst his siblings are married, his elderly parents struggled to bring him up as he was truanting regularly from school and became involved in drugs and gang-related violence. Having failed his GCSE exams last year, a youth worker encouraged him to take on an apprenticeship at a local company learning administrative and business skills. Since then he has been motivated to repeat his GCSEs in English and Maths so that he can go to college and continue his studies. The Trust awarded him with an int ...


Twenty-four year old Layla is a refugee from war-torn Congo, where she was raped by a militia group at the age of 15 years. She fled her home country, with her grandmother, after her family were killed. Settled in the UK, she married a few years ago, but her husband was violent towards her. After becoming pregnant, she fled her husband's home, afraid that her husband's regular beatings would harm her unborn child. She now lives in a hostel, sharing a room with a crack addict. Layla works 25 hours a week on minimum wage as a cleaner, earning just £152 per week (gross), s ...


Originally born in Sudan, Hadil grew up in an inner-city area of London, plagued by drug dealing and gang-related violence. Whilst in prison, he converted to Islam. He now lives in a hostel near Brick Lane and is trying to get his life back on track. He volunteers as a youth-worker, and is shortly to complete a painting and decorating course at college. Hadil is struggling to pay his rent and often does not eat for 2 or 3 days. The Job Centre cut off his benefits 6 weeks ago because of a processing error, and he was expecting to receive a lump sum this week to pay off hi ...


Seven years ago, Leo was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Since his mum doesn't feel she can cope with him at home, he was recently granted single tenancy in an unfurnished flat. His Support Worker applied to the Trust on his behalf for £150 to buy bedding and a mattress.


After her husband left her, Sarah was determined to give her two children the opportunities she never had as a child. She works from home running her friend's online business, which allows her to continue to care for her children. Working on minimum wage, and usually less, life is hard, but Sarah is frugal and cheerful in the face of hardship. She applied to the Trust for an interest-free loan of £450 to undertake a professional book-keeping course at college so that she can improve her job prospects and provide for her children.


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