Al-Mizan Charitable Trust is a Muslim grant-funder which supports disadvantaged people and deprived communities across the UK, regardless of their faith or cultural background.

John is a 55-year-old man, who was born with Down’s Syndrome and was diagnosed with dementia 10 years ago. His mother was his main carer until she died in 2005, after which he lived with his brother and sister. Last year, his health took a turn for the worse and he began to suffer from seizures, so he was admitted into residential care. However, the only facility with space was 20 miles away from his siblings.

Recently, a place became available in a supported living environment close to John’s siblings and his support workers feel he would be more comfortable living in a familiar location. However, John has to provide furniture for his new accommodation and his siblings have spent over £4,000 on petrol in the last year, as they had to visit him on a daily basis.

The Trust provided a grant of £180 towards specialist furniture for John’s new accommodation.

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