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Keeping Older People Warm this Christmas

Al-Mizan Charitable Trust will be distributing up to 400 Winter Warmer Packs across the UK this Christmas to vulnerable older people living in fuel poverty. The £16,000 fundraising appeal has been largely supported by the British Muslim community for the benefit of all elderly people, regardless of their faith or cultural background.  

“Last year over 31,000 older people died in the UK because of the cold weather. Despite the recent political furore around energy bills and the subsequent policy changes, it will have little impact on many vulnerable people, in particular the elderly, who often have to make the difficult choice between heating and eating. As a result, many will be at risk of developing serious illnesses, and sadly, some will suffer an untimely death. Our Winter Campaign aims to bring warmth to isolated older people and save lives during the cold months of the year,” said Mohammed Mamdani, Founder of Al-Mizan Charitable Trust.

Over 100 volunteers have registered to help make the Winter Warmer Packs in London and Birmingham on Saturday 14 December 2013, with delivery to a range of grassroots charities in the following days, in time for Christmas.

Each Winter Warmer Pack contains warm clothing, gloves, a scarf, a hat, warm socks, a blanket and a thermos mug, as well as an emergency food pack and essential toiletries for when it snows and becomes too dangerous for those with mobility issues to venture outside their home in severe weather conditions.

“The rise in fuel prices for gas and electricity is affecting those on low income to the degree that they have to choose whether to purchase food or heat their homes. This is particularly prevalent amongst a large section of the elderly who live on a low income and who also put their health and lives at risk from hypothermia,” said Sharon McCabe, Firstcall Advisor at Age Concern Birmingham.

The Trust would like to acknowledge a donation of £2,000 from the Beta Charitable Trust in support of this appeal. We also appreciate the many small and large donations received from members of the public and local companies.

To sponsor a Winter Warmer Pack, visit:

To register to help make Winter Warmer Packs, visit: (London) or (Birmingham) 

Notes to the Editor: 

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