Al-Mizan Charitable Trust is a Muslim grant-funder which supports disadvantaged people and deprived communities across the UK, regardless of their faith or cultural background.


The CashCache is a keyring that holds five £1 coins, so that you have change to buy food or toiletries for homeless people that are sleeping rough.

Rug Rats Ramble

Join us on Sunday 14 August 2016 for the Rug Rats Ramble in Hyde Park, London.

Back to School Backpacks

This September, Al-Mizan will distribute Back to School Backpacks to children living in poverty across the UK.

Children's Charity Walk

Our children's charity walk will raise funds for our Back to School Backpacks.

Sponsor a Backpack

To sponsor a Backpack for £50, please click on the box on the right.

  • CashCache

  • Rug Rats Ramble

  • Back to School Backpacks

  • Children's Charity Walk

  • Sponsor a Backpack

My  Story


.Nancy is 27 years old and was 8 months pregnant when she finally had the courage to leave her abusive husband who would regularly come home drunk and beat her. Fearing for her new-born’s safety, she left the home and found refuge in a women’s shelter in Birmingham, just 2 weeks before her baby girl was born. Since Nancy left behind all her ID in her ex-husband’s home, and having never claimed benefits before, she had no money to buy any baby items. Her midwife wrote to us and within 2 da...

London Monopoly Charity Walk

If you grew up playing the Monopoly board game, then this fundraising challenge is perfect for you. (Or if you like really long walks around London. Or just raising funds for an amazing charity.) Join us on Sunday 23 October for a sponsored charity walk, as we visit all those famous streets and stations from the Monopoly board in one day. The walking distance is 15 miles, which will take around s...

2016 Rug Rats Ramble
Back to School Backpacks
Charity Begins At Home
Brexit and Poor People
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