Al-Mizan Charitable Trust is a Muslim grant-funder which supports disadvantaged people and deprived communities across the UK, regardless of their faith or cultural background.

Working Poor

Half of all families in poverty are working families, partly because of low-paid jobs and unaffordable housing. (Source: Joseph Rowntree Foundation) 

Food Poverty

Food prices have risen by 12% since 2007, but average wages have fallen by 7.6% during the same period. (Source: Faculty of Public Health)


More than a million pensioners are still living in poverty, partly due to their failure to claim benefits. (Source: Age UK)


Almost 18 million people in the UK live in inadequate housing and one in three people cannot afford to heat their homes. (Source: Poverty and Social Exclusion project)

Child Poverty

More than one in four children in Britain are living in poverty and this is set to rise because of the government’s harsh austerity measures. (Source: Unicef)

  • Working Poor

  • Food Poverty

  • Elderly

  • Housing

  • Child Poverty

My  Story


.Nancy is 27 years old and was 8 months pregnant when she finally had the courage to leave her abusive husband who would regularly come home drunk and beat her. Fearing for her new-born’s safety, she left the home and found refuge in a women’s shelter in Birmingham, just 2 weeks before her baby girl was born. Since Nancy left behind all her ID in her ex-husband’s home, and having never claimed benefits before, she had no money to buy any baby items. Her midwife wrote to us and within 2 da...

Are you feeling cold this winter?

As temperatures start to fall, thousands of homeless people across the UK are left vulnerable and exposed to the elements on the streets. On any given night in the UK, there are up to 2,500 people sleeping rough, with no one or nowhere to turn to for support. With Britain set for the worst winter in a century, many rough sleepers risk dying on the streets during these cold months. Whilst homeless...

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