Al-Mizan Charitable Trust is a Muslim grant-funder which supports disadvantaged people and deprived communities across the UK, regardless of their faith or cultural background.

UK Child Poverty

Two-thirds of children living in poverty in the UK are in a working family, showing work isn’t the best route out of poverty.

REC Volunteers

Are you looking for volunteering opportunities? We’re recruiting volunteers to help us with research, events, and campaigns.

Three Peaks Challenge

Join us for the Three Peaks Challenge from Friday 27 to Sunday 29 May 2016. The deadline for registration is Sunday 21 February 2016.

Recruitment - Fundraising and Marketing Officer

We are recruiting for a part-time Fundraising and Marketing Officer. The deadline for applications is Friday 26 February 2016.

2016 Mother & Baby Kits

Please help us to distribute Mother & Baby Kits to new mothers across the UK, who cannot afford essential baby items.

  • UK Child Poverty

  • REC Volunteers

  • Three Peaks Challenge

  • Recruitment - Fundraising and Marketing Officer

  • 2016 Mother & Baby Kits

My  Story


.Nancy is 27 years old and was 8 months pregnant when she finally had the courage to leave her abusive husband who would regularly come home drunk and beat her. Fearing for her new-born’s safety, she left the home and found refuge in a women’s shelter in Birmingham, just 2 weeks before her baby girl was born. Since Nancy left behind all her ID in her ex-husband’s home, and having never claimed benefits before, she had no money to buy any baby items. Her midwife wrote to us and within 2 da...

2016 Mother & Baby Kits

Life is tough for all new mothers, especially for single parents and for those in low-income families. The average cost of raising a child in the UK to the age of 21 is £229,251, with the first year of a child’s life costing at least £11,000.  Child poverty is on the rise in the UK, with 3.7 million children living in poverty, which is almost a third of all children. Out of these children, 1...

2016 Three Peaks Challenge
Recruitment - Fundraising and Marketing Officer
What is Poverty in the UK? Event
Three Opportunities on Giving Tuesday
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