Al-Mizan Charitable Trust is a Muslim grant-funder which supports disadvantaged people and deprived communities across the UK, regardless of their faith or cultural background.

Give Generously

Over the last five years, we have distributed over 500 grants to poor families across the UK. Please give generously towards our work, so that we can support more families.

Benefit Fraud

According to a survey by the TUC, people think that 27% of the welfare budget is claimed fraudulently, but the real figure is less than 1%.  

The Working Poor

Around half of households in poverty have at least someone in paid employment and two-thirds of children in poverty come from families where at least one person works.  

Poverty in the UK

The UK is the world’s sixth largest economy, yet 1 in 5 people (13 million people) live below the official poverty line, meaning they experience life as a daily struggle.  

Second Charity Quiz Night

Join us on Tuesday 17 November 2015 at St Ethelburga’s Centre in London for our second Charity Quiz Night!        

  • Give Generously

  • Benefit Fraud

  • The Working Poor

  • Poverty in the UK

  • Second Charity Quiz Night

My  Story


.Nancy is 27 years old and was 8 months pregnant when she finally had the courage to leave her abusive husband who would regularly come home drunk and beat her. Fearing for her new-born’s safety, she left the home and found refuge in a women’s shelter in Birmingham, just 2 weeks before her baby girl was born. Since Nancy left behind all her ID in her ex-husband’s home, and having never claimed benefits before, she had no money to buy any baby items. Her midwife wrote to us and within 2 da...

Supporter Survey

Al-Mizan Charitable Trust would be nothing without its donors and supporters. Without your generous donations over the last five years, we would not have been able to help over 2,500 families through our grants and seasonal campaigns. Breaking with the general approach across the sector, we are running a survey to hear your feedback about our work. We intend to use this information to help us dev...

Charity Quiz Night - Tuesday 17 November 2015
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